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Phoenix, Arizona based Royals and Rogues is a unique player in the motion graphics industry that functions as a scalable agency to their clients. The goal of this website was to function as their calling card while unveiling their selling point- how they help their clients save time and money through their unique process.

After making their demo reel readily accessible, the main goal of the homepage was to explain how middle management kills creative projects and how Royals & Rogues’ approach is different. To drive this point home, the page followed a problem › solution structure, expounding on the common pitfalls and high overhead costs of a typical agency approach.

Development & CMS Integration

The entire website was custom built and developed in Webflow. Boasting powerful CMS integrations, the platform allows my client to log in and make edits to the site's copy and add new projects as they arise- all within a clean, intuitive interface. In this way I was able to hand off the keys to him once everything was hosted and running smoothly.

SEO Friendly

Each aspect of the newly deployed site was configured to be SEO-friendly through the detailed configuration of item, title, and meta tags, allowing it to enjoy a #1 organic ranking for the search term royals and rogues as of February 2020.

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