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LiqHer Balls is a fun, no-bake chocolate dessert that invites consumers to add alcohol and prepare it at home. The owners desired a website reflecting their playful, flirtatious, and chocolatey brand, moving away from a typical GoDaddy template.
The Problem

LiqHer Balls has an incredible product, but their website was built on a GoDaddy template, which didn't do justice to their incredible brand. The use of a basic theme failed to convey the uniqueness of their chocolaty and boozy desserts.


To kick things off, we started with a simple discovery and brand attributes exercise to provide direction for all our creative work moving forward.


Once a solid understanding of the LiqHer Balls brand was established, we worked on creating some custom stylescapes before mocking up the homepage. These helped establish the look and feel of the website before moving forward.


In addition to establishing the look and feel of the brand's new website, we also captured some custom lifestyle photography to better showcase the product in context.

Photography 2

The new LiqHer Balls website was designed in Figma and developed in Webflow, then exported to Shopify so that the owners can manage their products and settings from their Shopify account. The new custom website now effectively showcases their brand as fun, upbeat, and full of personality.


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