Hi, I'm David.

I live in Atlanta with my wonderful wife and way too many dogs.

Everything started at the age when I was playing with my Fisher Price tape recorder and discovering that Play-Doh doesn't taste half as good as you might think it would. My dad introduced me to MacPaint, probably in an effort to keep me from once again getting my head stuck between the bars of our stair banister. I was fascinated.

I've continued to fuel that fascination for the past twenty-four years and have been on a constant journey to learn and grow as a designer. I've since delved deep into a host of other apps that I like to think are slightly better than MacPaint. And I've discovered how to use those together to craft beautiful visual identities and user-friendly experiences that help accomplish my clients' goals.

In addition to my web and identity work, I'm also a senior designer at Pinnacle Promotions. If you think we should be working on something interesting together, don't hesitate to drop me a note. And if you have any merchandise needs, don't hesitate to reach out. I know a few people who can help.